Transfer Sizing

Iron on Transfers for Face Masks

All our transfers are made to order and can usually be ordered in 3 to 4 different sizes.  Every transfer shown on our website will be sized according to its longest side except letters (we'll get to that later!)

Graphic Sizing

Every graphic on Facemask Transfers will generally have a side longer than the other (squares / circles etc will have the same height and width) which is what we call "Longest Side".

For example:

50mm / 5cm transfers longest side will generally all fit on a standard face mask!

What if I choose a larger size?

We will make the "longest side" the length you order, whilst proportionally increasing the shorter side.  We do not stretch... it looks terrible.

Iron on Letters / numbers

Iron on letters & numbers are all different sizes, so we size them according to their font size just like an email / word document.  In the example blow you can see that the word "GREEN" in a "font size" of 5cm.

If we use lower case letters for "reen", the font size is still 5cm, but the letters are sized to that font:

This means, if you order a "5cm Font Size", lowercase letters will be physically smaller - but the overall font size will still be 5cm.


If you have any questions at all, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help!